Had a great time with Frank Stasio on NC Public Radio's The State of Things discussing the state of things.  Hilde joined us via telephone and graded the book for me. You can listen here. http://wunc.org/post/darker-night#stream/0

I'm loving the pictures people are sending me of Darker the Night. Please post your picture on the Darker The Night Facebook page. 
The first picture is mine. I loved seeing my novel displayed next to some of the great authors in a bookstore.

Darker the Night is now officially a "Beach Read"-at least in Sarasota Florida.

Reader Tony is excited to get his copy.

On February 8, Susan Sipal, my editor, and I drove to Hilde's house to pick her up for the launch party. I opened the door and she showed me a framed photo of her and John (her late husband), holding the picture close to her chest.

"Would it be all right for me to bring this?  I'd like John to be part of the event."

Blinking back the tears, I agreed. It finally dawned on me how much this book meant to Hilde.

Once at the Leon Mann Jr. Enrichment Center, the flurry of activity began. With over 65 gathered and waiting, Hilde’s daughter Marlena helped with the refreshments, a screen was set up to watch the book trailer, reporters from two television stations and the local paper arrived, and suddenly we were on stage.

After watching the trailer, I read the chapter of the book which describes how Hedy, the protagonist, spent the night after her 19th birthday. Then it was time to celebrate Hilde’s 90th birthday with singing and cookies. Time does fly. Hilde stood and thanked her friends and neighbors, and we answered questions.

We were whisked off to a small room for interviews. Beth Lawrence from Jacksonville Channel 12, Jaqueline Matters from Greenville Channel 9, and Megan Soult from The News Times in Morehead City did a wonderful job helping Hilde relax and asked good questions.
After a fun, but exhausting day, I dropped Hilde at her home. As I waved goodbye, she said, “I can’t believe it is really done.”
Neither can I, Hilde, neither can I!

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